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There are many modalities that can provide support with the preparation and integration of ceremonies. Over the coming weeks, we will share some that have helped us.

The Medicine Man

The Vaaiga team with one of the tribe's elders; Francisco Barnett. He is a medicine man from the reservation Punta Chueca. In his eighties, he is still performs healing ceremonies. 



This island is sacred land of the tribe. You're only allowed to visit on invitation. It is said that you can find caves with ancient paintings dating back thousands of years. 


Based on archeological evidence, the Comcaac people seem to have lived in the present day state of Sonora, Mexico for 2000 years.


The Comcaac people main source of food is fish. Because of the collapse of their economy, the boats no longer go out as there is no money for gasoline. 

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