Peyote Retreat

This exclusive, 3-night retreat is aimed at those looking to immerse themselves into personal development and spiritual growth with the assistance of the sacred plant medicine Peyote in a safe, immersive, and supportive environment. This transformational retreat takes place just outside Colorado Springs. 

This retreat includes a traditional all night prayer ceremony that usually takes place outside or in a tipi but because of the time of year it will be held inside. We use the sacred peyote sacrament, songs and fire to connect to the divine. 

North and Central American native traditions have used peyote for hundreds of years for healing of physical and emotional ailments as well as connecting with the world of spirit for guidance and support.

We provide much more than just a ceremony. During the retreat,  we will use several embodiment practices to get out of our head and connect with our true essence. We offer extensive preparation and integration support before, during and after the retreat experience to empower you making the most of it over the long term. 

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It is not possible to guarantee what your experience will be like. However, these are some of the common results experienced from psychedelics.


  • Powerful insights 

  • Mystical experiences 

  • Letting go of suppressed thoughts and feelings 

  • Self acceptance and compassion 

  • Overcoming of unhelpful thoughts and behavioural patterns 


  • Reduced stress and worry 

  • Increased sense of wellbeing 

  • Greater connectivity with self and others

  • Greater sense of purpose 

  • Renewed energy and focus 


 We take a holistic approach to personal and spiritual development designed to deepen your experience. During the retreat, we use several modalities to enhance your experience, such as movement, breathwork and meditation. We also offer extensive preparation and integration support before and after your retreat focussed on embodiment of the results. 

Each participant will be assessed before entering the retreat through a compulsory application form and screening. Due to the powerful nature of entheogens and the impact that others sharing the space can have, we limit each retreat to 12 selected attendees.


In the 4 weeks leading up to the
retreat, we will virtually support you with your preparation.

  • Private 1:1 exploration call focused on your intention and to answer any questions you may have

  • Individual preparation activities 

  • Group preparation call


This is a 4-day and 3-night in person retreat starting on Friday evening and concludes on Monday morning. 

  • ​All night peyote prayer ceremony

  • Ecstatic dance ​

  • Yoga nidra

  • Gamma breathwork

  • Group sharing circles

  • Embodiment practices 

  • 1:1 coaching 


We offer integration support for 4 weeks after your retreat to support transitioning what you have learned into your day-to-day life. Additional tailored and specific 1:1 support is available separately. Please connect with us to explore further.

  • Private check-in call 

  • 4 weekly group integration calls


We are trained in western healing modalities as well as native traditions. We are here to support, guide and nurture you as you embark on a journey of self-discovery and spiritual growth.

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For 15 years, Rea facilitated ceremonies within the US and around the globe. She has led, co-led, and supported Vision Quest, Dream Dance, Bear Dance, Yuwipi, Half Moon Ceremonies, Purification lodges, Pipe Ceremonies, as well as several workshops. She has been supporting through song, prayer, presence, and as needed with various medicine people for approximately 20 years.


Eva is a coach and facilitator working with clients all over the world for almost 20 years. She trained in Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP) as well as various individual and team 360 feedback tools. Eva is a certified psychospiritual & psychedelic integration coach, a Gamma Breathwork, Reiki level 2 and sound healing practitioner. She has received teachings from central and North American native traditions.



Sarah Hannah Howat is a certified life, addictions, and psychedelic preparation and integration coach, focusing primarily on forgiveness (of self and others) and liberation, with a focus on compassion and curiosity as the primary tools for self-healing. Sarah also guides individual entheogen ceremonies. 


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We will be staying in a beautiful, private property immersed in nature at the outskirts of Colorado Springs, CO. The center is an intimate place with lots of natural light and an open communal space. The ceremony will take place inside by the fire place surrounded by the majesty of the natural surroundings outside. Amenities include hot tub and lake access.

The accommodation has both shared and private bedrooms. Requests for sharing bedrooms with particular friends or partner can be made upon registration of both parties. 

What is included: 

  • Peyote sweatlodge ceremony

  • All retreat activities 

  • Accommodation 

  • Food and refreshments, organic, locally sourced (where possible) 

  • 1:1 coaching session during the retreat

  • Group preparation and integration calls 

Suggested donation:

  • $50 intake call 

  • $100 for membership fee valid for 1 year

  • $1600 - $3000 for shared room

  • $2600 - $5000 for private room 


  1. Complete your registration and pay a non-refundable $50 covering your intake call.

  2. Schedule your intake call. You will receive instructions on how to do that after completing the registration.

  3. Attend your intake call. This can last up to 45 minutes.

  4. Sign the retreat agreement. This can be accessed through a link in an email we will send you.

  5. Pay 50% of the suggested donation - this is non-refundable but can be used against one of our other retreats. 

  6. Pay the outstanding 50% of the suggested donation 1 month before the start of the retreat.

Please note that your registration is not confirmed until you have completed the intake form, signed the retreat agreement, paid your deposit and received a confirmation from us that you have been accepted. If for any reason a retreat with us is not deemed a good fit, we will refund any payments made excluding the $50 covering your intake call.