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Gamma Breathwork with Travin - 1 Session

Gamma Breathwork with Travin - 1 Session


What to expect 

During Gamma Breathwork sessions you will be guided through powerful breathing sequences that enable you to move a lot of energy within your body. You will feel incredibly tranquil & connected to yourself in a way that many people have never experienced before. Within the first few minutes you will feel your anxiety, fear & tension fall away effortlessly. Gamma Breathwork bridges the gap for us to quickly connect with our intuition and higher selves so we can receive messages & information that will assist us in transforming our lives.


This technique is designed for activating the pineal gland and releasing powerful transformative chemicals in your brain such as DMT, dopamine & serotonin. These chemicals, mixed with precise focus & intention, allow us to quickly release programs that are no longer serving us & allow us to create positive, healthy habits, thought patterns and behaviors that are in alignment with who you truly are. My clients report having intense energy moving within them, flash backs of memories from the past (often times connected to trauma), visions, ideas, out of body experiences and beautiful downloads that completely shift the way they see themselves and the world.


We have all habits, behaviors, tendencies and traumas that are causing havoc and chaos within our lives. We know that we would be so much healthier, happier & peaceful if we could only overcome them! Even though we know what we should be doing, it seems so impossible to change -- trust me... I know, I have been there too!


Gamma Breathwork is what you've been waiting for. The potency of this technique makes it possible for us to release these patterns by going to the root of the blockage. Habits, behaviors, traumas & addictions are energetic blocks within the body that manifest themselves as undesirable actions. My clients are always incredibly AMAZED at how quickly they feel a shift and notice the changes in their lives. Because we are activating DMT, dopamine & serotonin, we are effectively upgrading our consciousness at the quantum level… We are changing our reality each time we do an activation.


When we are not living a life that feels harmonious… that is because our energy on the inside is dis-harmonious. What we experience externally (in our lives) is a reflection of our internal state (emotions inside of us). If we are anxious, fearful or upset regularly… then chances are there are some unresolved energetic blocks inside of you that are begging for you to pay attention!

There is tons of energy trapped inside each of us from our past experiences that is begging to be released! The Gamma breathing sequences that are used in this online workshop allow us to harmonize the brain & body. When we use these specific sequences mixed in with a powerful intention, we are releasing the trapped energy that has been stored within our brain & body. We then utilize this “freed” energy & put it towards generating healthy thoughts, habits & emotions!


About your gamma breathwork practitioner

Travin Nesta is a certified Gamma Breathwork Practitioner. Through this work he helps others overcome and heal trauma, addictions & habits that are no longer serving them. His aim is to be of service to others by assisting in their evolution on their path to becoming the best versions of themselves. 


After receiving degrees in entrepreneurship and MIS, Travin stepped into the business consulting world only to realize that this work did not spark his passion. After a few months at this new position, making more money than he could have ever imagined, he found himself in a deep dark depression. The work that he was doing was not satisfying or fulfilling at all... He made a bold decision to quit his corporate job and to move to Miami to start a new business with a friend. This was the beginning of a powerful journey of self-discovery. The business ultimately did not work out, but along the way, he fell in love with Breathwork and started coaching individuals and groups, teaching meditation classes & hosting workshops. Because Travin went against the current and followed his heart & passions, he is now able to be of service to others and is helping to bring a higher state of awareness, wisdom, and healing to the world. 


Start your journey 

Start your journey of self-discovery and optimum wellbeing today. This program is designed to transformational, life-changing as well as practical. After purchasing your plan, you will receive a link to book your sessions and to fill in a questionnaire to give us a head start on what is that you would like to work on. 

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